Feeling Adventurous about Cosmetic Treatments? Try This!

Cosmetic DermatologyWe all have a sense of adventure within us. The thing is, we are all different in what we would describe as adventurous. You may not want to jump from a helicopter wearing a pair of skis, but you may be interested in trying out innovative cosmetic treatments to bring out the best in your skin. Even that requires a certain sense of boldness! Here, we will suggest a few of the treatments you may want to try out this year.

BBL Skin Rejuvenation

BBL, or broad-band light, is making some serious waves in the field of aesthetic medicine. Here's why. These treatments direct specific wavelengths of light past the surface of the skin. When absorbed, this light stimulates the production of ATP. ATP is what gives skin cells their energy. According to research, over time, this increase changes the very way that skin cells express themselves. They "behave" in a younger way, which translates into the much younger-looking skin. BBL treatments take a short time, and you can resume regular activity immediately after your visit.


If you're at a point where your sagging face or neck skin (or both!) are difficult to ignore, you may be an excellent candidate for Ultherapy. The device from Ulthera has been developed to harness ultrasound energy and use it to stimulate activity in the tissue deep beneath the surface. This deep heating leads to stronger collagen fibers and an ongoing production of collagen to support those fibers. Just one treatment is needed to obtain noticeably tighter skin, and results can last many months.

Starting Slow

Maybe laser and light and ultrasound all sound like too much. That's ok! Maybe you want to start slow with your interest in cosmetic treatments. Dr. Citron offers the full spectrum of care. We are happy to consult with you about your concerns and your preferences for treatments. Injectables are widely used by "newbies" who want immediate results, as are skin-refreshing treatments like microdermabrasion and chemical peels.

There is value in doing your homework, and there is also something to be said about having an adventurous attitude. The combination of the two will help you discover the best cosmetic treatments for your skin.

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