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adequate moistureDry skin can be a nuisance. It is a condition that can creep up on you when you aren't looking, and it can cause your skin to lose its luscious, silky feel. No one likes to look down at their arms or legs to see scales. And we certainly don't like what dryness does to the aging face! What is interesting is that with all the effort we put in to feeling good about the appearance of our skin, there are common mistakes that catch many of us. Here, we will point out a few of the ways your skin may become parched, and what you can do about it.

General Dehydration

Healthcare providers cannot stress enough how important it is to stay hydrated. When we do not consume enough water throughout the day, the body's ability to flush out toxins is diminished, and one of the first areas this becomes apparent is on the skin. There is no substitute for water, so that morning cup of coffee or evening glass of wine does not count regarding hydration. Pleasure, yes; hydration, no. Sip water. It's that simple. Add apple slices or lemon to juice it up for greater appeal, if you have to, but don't skimp.

Accidental Depletion

The common mistakes that rob the skin of moisture are never done on purpose! One of the innocent ways in which moisture is drawn out of the skin cells is during your daily shower. We would not say that it is necessary to take cold showers. That would be torture. However, the steaming hot water that you sit under, or in, does nothing for your skin, no matter what you add to that bath. Turning the water down a notch will reduce the impact on skin cells. Another vital aspect of showering is to moisturize your skin immediately upon patting dry. Waiting even 5 minutes means that cells are depleted of the water content they need to keep the skin soft and supple.

We are here to support you in dermatologic health and offer numerous treatments that can aid in maintaining adequate moisture in the skin. Learn more about these treatments when you call our West Orange Dermatology office at (973) 243-2300.

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