Refresh your Appearance Naturally with Sculptra Aesthetic

Over the past twenty years, we have experienced a dramatic shift in the way we address the signs of aging. Rather than turning to their plastic surgeon, many people are visiting dermatologists like Dr. Citron for facial rejuvenation. Using discernment and precision technique, Dr. Citron achieves beautiful results with products like Sculptra Aesthetic.

What is Sculptra?

SculptraThis soft tissue product falls into the category of a dermal filler. However, it has unique characteristics that make it much more than a standard wrinkle reducing treatment. One of the goals of treatment is to fill lines and wrinkles, yes; but there is a secondary intent with Sculptra, and that is to restore volume where it has been lost. This is possible with the poly-L-lactic-acid product because, with just a few injections, this key ingredient sets the body in motion to increase collagen production.

The Issue of Volume

When we discuss facial aging, what most often comes up are issues like fine lines and wrinkles. However, most men and women eventually notice that the definition they once had in their cheeks, chin, and jaw line is also lost. This is a result of diminished structure beneath the skin. Below the epidermis are additional layers of tissue, which contain fat as well as fluid. These substances can decrease as much as a teaspoon per year. With volume a major indicator of youthfulness, its loss can have a dramatic effect on the cheeks, lower face, and temples.

How Sculptra Restores Youthfulness

Sculptra, like standard dermal fillers, plumps lines and creases on the face. However, there is a progressive effect that occurs as collagen stores are rebuilt week after week. To achieve optimal results from ongoing collagen production, we may suggest a few treatments. With each treatment, the body responds with an influx of collagen to the area. As healthy new fibers replace old, damaged strands of protein, the skin regains the support it needs to maintain a more youthful appearance.

Are you a Candidate for Sculptra?

Most adults over the age of 40 have begun to notice the effects of volume loss on the face. If you see lines and creases around your mouth and nose, or a loss of contouring across your cheeks or chin, you may be an excellent candidate for Sculptra. One aspect of treatment to note is that rejuvenation is a natural occurrence that is merely set in motion by the product. Results improve gradually, but remain for up to 2 years.

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