Summer's in Full Swing! Is your Skin as Protected as you Think?

skin care for summerAs we enjoy these months of warm, sunny weather, more of us are spending time outdoors with friends and family. Many people are doing so without slathering on the sunscreen, at least not first thing in the morning, due to the awareness we now have about the immense need for vitamin D, the Sunshine Vitamin. Aside from the few minutes in the morning during which it is safe to expose unprotected skin to gentle rays of sunlight, the remaining hours of the day can be far too strong for the skin - especially if that skin is sensitive.

Sensitivity: it's just a Fair-Skinned Thing
We all know that guy or girl, the one who is fine when you and your friends pile out of the care to spend the day on the shore. The one who is pink by the time you walk across the parking lot. These fairer of the bunch are typically who we would describe as sensitive as it pertains to the sun. There is a widespread misconception that darker skin equals safety from sunburn, but that is not entirely true. There are even things that you may be doing that could be leading you straight toward a sunburn yourself!

Photosensitivity is not an inherent genetic trait reserved for red-heads and blondies. It is also possible to do yourself in by using certain products that, when applied or ingested, cause a chemical reaction between your skin and UV light.

  • Medicine. There are a number of different types of medication that may cause you to become photosensitive, or sensitive to light. Prescription drugs like tricyclic antidepressant medication, certain heart medications, antibiotics like Cipro and sulfa drugs, and even some anti-histamines and anti-fungals are all linked to photosensitivity.
  • Natural remedies. We often hear of folks using essential oils and holistic remedies to enjoy optimal wellness. Natural doesn't always mean 100% safe. Citrus oils should not be used before going out in the sun. These include orange, lemon, and lime, among others. St. John's wort, as well, can create greater sensitivity to UV exposure.
  • Skin care. When planning a day outdoors, skip the Retin-A until nighttime, and forego your morning use of any product with acid ingredients.

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