Can a device help you sculpt your stomach?

What if you could build muscle and burn fat simultaneously in areas that are especially difficult to tone and sculpt? It’s possible with a new device called Emsculpt®. Read on to learn more about this revolutionary new non-surgical cosmetic technology.

How does Emsculpt® work?

The goal is to shape muscles in a short period of time. Using High-Frequency Electromagnetic Waves, or HIFEM technology, Emsculpt® stimulates muscle contraction up to 20,000 times in just 30 minutes. This is structured to simulate interval training, and you will feel your muscles working intensely in multiple contraction patterns during each treatment to maximize your results.

What areas can Emsculpt® shape?

Initially designed to shape the abdominal muscles, Emsculpt® also shapes and tones the buttocks, thighs and arms. It builds muscle and reduces fat faster and more effectively than standard exercise routines.

How often do I need treatment?

To allow for optimal muscle recovery, treatments are spaced 2-3 days apart, similar to what bodybuilders do when structuring their workouts to tackle each muscle group.

How soon will I see results?

Abdominal muscles, buttocks, thighs and arms can be developed in four treatment sessions over two weeks. Since Emsculpt® builds muscles and reduce fat, you may notice that your weight may not change due to increased muscle mass.

How long will results last?

With regular exercise, you can maintain results with periodic treatments after the initial treatment sessions.

Who is a candidate?

If you are at or near your goal weight and are seeking improvement in muscle mass and tone, you would be a candidate for Emsculpt®. If you are pregnant or have an implanted device, you are not a candidate for this procedure.

If you live in the West Orange, NJ, area, and you’re interested in learning more about Emsculpt® and whether you’re a candidate for this revolutionary new treatment, call (973) 243-2300 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Citron with New Jersey Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, P.A.