Anti-aging treatment with Juvéderm filler

Juvéderm Voluma XC is a dermal filler that is commonly used to restore volume in the mid-face and cheeks. The FDA approved this product specifically for that due to its structural cohesiveness. In addition to restoring general contours, Voluma can be injected in such a way to increase the appearance of height across the cheekbones.

Dr. Citron places this filler at the bone level for optimal restoration and contouring. This technique is most commonly used for the cheeks and mandible, though it can be used anywhere projection needs to be enhanced. Due to the structural characteristics of Voluma, it could be referred to as an “injectable implant” that gives the face a nice lift without surgery or repetitive treatments.

Dr. Citron’s Injectable Implant treatment has been developed to correct the very specific changes that affect the aging face. Many studies have identified the traits of a youthful face. One that is paramount is its shape. The young face is shaped like the letter “Y,” with more width across the forehead and temples, curves at the cheekbones, and tapering to the point of the chin. As we age, the widest part of the face moves progressively downward, ultimately making us look deflated and droopy.

The Injectable Implant procedure does not require anything more than a local anesthetic. There are no incisions; just a tiny blunt-tipped instrument that is inserted beneath the layer of facial muscle. Depositing the dense, hyaluronic acid filler here lifts the muscles upward and outward and secures them in place for two or more years. Once the filler has been inserted, Dr. Citron sculpts the shape of the midface with gentle external pressure.

Who is a candidate for this procedure?

This non-surgical facial rejuvenation treatment is suitable for adults of all ages. People in their twenties have undergone this lift, as have people in their senior years. The injectable implant can add definition to the jawline, lift the upper neck, improve under eye hollowness, and accentuate the cheekbones that have flattened. In younger patients, the objective is often to enhance the height of the cheekbones and/or increase definition along the jawline. Because treatment is customized, it can achieve beautiful results that look natural for every face.

What kind of results can I expect?

The use of Voluma within the deep planes of facial tissue achieves immediate results. The cheeks appear more lifted or more contoured, the eyes look more awake and youthful, and the lower face can appear more angular and defined, subtly lifted as a result of the contouring across the midface.

How long do results typically last?

Due to the deep placement of the Voluma hyaluronic acid filler, results can last from 2 to 4 years.

What are some of the advantages of the “injectable implant” over more invasive procedures?

Historically, the changes affecting the lower face have been corrected via facelift surgery. A facelift can be an advantageous procedure but may be unappealing or less accessible for some people. The use of dermal fillers has become popular in part because there is no need for anesthesia or observation through recovery.

The cosmetic benefits of injectable treatment are significant, especially when the filler is strategically placed far beneath the superficial layers of the skin. Because there is no tightening or surgical lifting, there is no risk of overcorrection or substantial swelling and bruising. The outcome of treatment looks like a natural accentuation of your unique facial structure.

Mature Woman Sitting In Chair Being Give juvederm Injection By Female Doctor

What is the recovery like?

The side effects of the injectable implant are much milder than one may incur from surgery. Swelling typically resolves within 24 hours. Bruising may not be noticeable at all. Best of all, patients need not curtail their normal activities much after undergoing this procedure. The few side effects that may occur, including soreness and tenderness, are usually gone within a week or two. To facilitate tissue healing, patients are advised to avoid exercise for one week.

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