Take That, Sun Damage: How to Keep Your Skin Shielded During Spring Break

With spring break just around the corner, you may have big plans to ditch the Jersey cold and head somewhere warm like Florida. Although the beach may practically be calling your name, we don’t want you to come back with some seriously sun damaged skin. So, what can you do to shield yourself so that you don’t get a sunburn, sunspots, or premature fine lines and wrinkles?

Wear a Broad Spectrum Sunscreen

Yes, you may be tempted to buy whatever sunscreen is on sale and whatever you can get in bulk at the local pharmacy or grocery store, but you may not be giving your skin the ultimate protection. When shopping for a sunscreen look for one that is labeled as “broad spectrum.” Why? Because it will shield your skin from both UVA and UVB rays; givig you the ultimate protection.

Wear a Hat

The sun can sneak up and attack you from all angles; even when you are covered in so much sunscreen that you look like a ghost. To help shield your skin from those surprise attacks, bring a wide brimmed hat with you on your trip to the beach; that way, you are protected from the side, the top, and head on.

Watch Your Face Creams

Retinol can do wonder when it comes to fighting against early signs of aging, but it can also make your skin hypersensitive to sun damage at the same time. Before you head to the beach, talk to our dermatologists about going off retinol or about avoiding any sun exposure so that you don’t walk away with a giant burn.

Head to the beach with more protection this year and use these tips. To learn more about how you can take better care of your skin, contact us at our West Orange office at (973) 243-2300.

at our West Orange office at (973) 243-2300.